Ukraine discovers Russian mole in negotiating team: man killed in arrest

Ukraine’s secret service has discovered a mole in the team that went to negotiate with the Russians in Belarus on…

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A wooden pipeline that survived even after 500 years

Moscow pipeline is one of the oldest found to date. The wooden pipeline is believed to have survived even after…

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What do letters V and Z on Russian tanks mean?

They are visible everywhere in these “special military operations”: tanks and armored vehicles with the letters “V” and “Z” painted…

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China asked Russia to delay the invasion until after Winter Games via reports but China denies

Senior Chinese officials requested that Russia not invade Ukraine before the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics in early February,…

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Massive Russian convoy makes no progress: “Soldiers loot supermarkets in search of food”

The huge Russian military convoy headed for Kyiv has made no progress for about 24 to 36 hours. The Russian…

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A Russian soldier was given tea and food by Ukrainians

Russian soldier being lovingly taken care of by a group of Ukrainians after he surrenders. When he gets his mother…

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How many nuclear weapons are there worldwide? And who has what?

Vladimir Putin ordered, “to put the Russian army’s dissuasive forces on special alert”. But how many nuclear weapons does Russia…

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Is ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ real? Mysterious fighter pilot allegedly shot down 15 Russian planes single-handedly

It has been going viral on social media for several days: images and stories about a mysterious fighter pilot who…

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Belgium royal visit to Congo postponed due to war in Ukraine

The royal visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which was to take place next month, has been postponed to…

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“Ukrainian Marine Blows Himself Up To Stop Russian Tanks”

Every war has its heroes, some unwillingly. A Ukrainian soldier who had to blow up a bridge in Henichesk to…

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Russia – Ukraine: “2 children were killed, 4 wounded in Russia’s war on Ukraine”

In the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, two children were reportedly killed after a Russian attack. Four others were reportedly…

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Russia and China point fingers at Ukraine and the West for escalating conflict

Russia and China are pointing an accusing finger at Kyiv and Western countries for the escalation in the conflict over…

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