Microaggressions at work: meaning and how to respond to it

Microaggressions are verbal, behavioural, and environmental slights and insults that target a person or group.

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6 work burnout symptoms and what to do about it

Burnout at work is an important problem of the 21st century, which affects more and more people and seriously affects…

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Up to 50 vacation days: jobs with time off like teachers

We probably don't have to tell you that teachers have a relatively large amount of vacation. But not everyone is…

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Job insecurity: how the fear of losing your job prevents you from growing and developing

People think that fear of losing a job makes them work harder and grow faster, but that's not true.

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10 questions to ask during your job interview

If you want to leave a good impression during your job interview, it is best to prepare a few. But…

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7 practices that will help you quickly adapt to a new job

Adapting to a new job can be both difficult and inspiring.

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Good jobs: what are the main mistakes when choosing a career?

The wrong career can ruin a person's life or cause long-term unhappiness.

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IT people can work almost anywhere but has disadvantages

As an IT professional, you can work in any sector. It does not always have to be a tech company…

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Looking for a job? Multilingualism is a tremendous asset

There are many good reasons for Multilingualism, not least because many jobs require it. Jobs require specific language skills in…

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Dream job: earn €8,000 by surfing the internet for two weeks

Surf randomly on the waves of the World Wide Web and get paid big for it? It is possible, thanks…

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Job interview ahead? Recruiters hate these failures

Just graduated and looking for a job? Or are you ready for something else, and do you finally want to…

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How important is it to be honest about the reason for your dismissal?

If your employer fires you, he or she must have a valid reason for doing so. In the opposite case,…

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