7 things you absolutely must not say during a job interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking. It is, therefore, certainly possible that something will slip out, which you can later hit yourself in the head. But there are also questions and statements that you may not even realize are awkward. These are everyday things you should never say during a job interview.

From comments about your previous boss to bad quality, you should never mention.

7 things not to say in a job interview

1. “ My boss was a real jerk”

Okay, maybe you don’t say it so literally, but expressing yourself negatively about your previous boss or company is never a good idea. Not even if your boss was a jerk and you couldn’t perform well at your last job.

Not talking about this shows that you can stay professional and positive in any situation. Furthermore, it gives the interviewer confidence that you won’t trash talk about the company you’re applying to in the future.

What do you say when the person in front of you asks why you are looking for a new job? It could be anything. For example, this company is a better match for you or looking for more challenges in your career. Bonus points if you match your answer to the vacancy.

2. “I know I don’t have much experience, but…”

Never emphasize that you have little experience. Whether it concerns work experience in general or a specific program (unless asked directly, of course).

If all goes well, the interviewer knows this very well: they have looked at your application letter and CV after all. So instead, emphasize what you do know and what you do have experience in.

3. “I have no questions”

By asking questions yourself, you show that you are enthusiastic about the position and the company. So it gives a good impression. But it is also incredibly sensible for yourself: this way you can find out whether you and the job

are a match.

4. “My worst quality is my perfectionism”

You could very well be a perfectionist, and we agree that this can be a bad trait. But the answer is such a common cliché that you should avoid it.

5. “I would like flexible working hours/more vacation days/work from home”

Don’t say this during the first job interview. This is not the time to discuss your wishes about your fringe benefits. Let them offer you a job first – then you have more influence.

6. “I don’t know”

Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer to a question. Say something like, What a good question, let me think about that for a minute. I would say/I think.

Of course, you can’t know everything, and it’s okay to indicate this subtly (as is done above). Sometimes interviewers deliberately ask difficult questions that cannot be answered to see if you can think in a problem-solving way.

7. “I am inquisitive about what you are all doing here”

Never say this during a job interview, but do your research beforehand! Questions about what the company makes precisely or comments like the one above are not done. Answers like “I don’t have time to look at it” also belong in this list.

The interviewer may ask what you would improve first if you were in charge, then you should have your answer ready.

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