The most common mistakes made by young applicants

Whether you've done it just twice or dozens of times, a job interview is nerve-wracking.

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Are you still happy with your current job? Find out

How satisfied are you with your current position? Do you sometimes doubt whether this is the job you want to…

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Resign or stay? This is how you make the right choice

You are no longer happy in your current job, and you are thinking of looking for other places.

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How to quickly gain attention in a meeting

Speaking in front of an audience has big pitfalls and hides several dangers. Consider, for example, American films:

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How to stay positive during job search

Whether you are re-entering the job market or looking for your first job, the process of searching for your dream…

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Not hearing back from job applications, What should I do?

You have your dream job in mind and send your application with dedication and good courage. But then there is……

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How do you prepare an online interview?

An online job interview is different from a classic job interview in the office and the same room. And at…

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10 secrets recruiters prefer to keep to themselves

Recruiters sometimes seem intimidating, but you really need to know that they want the best for you and the company…

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Three deadly sins in job interviews

Nobody is perfect, and neither is the recruiter who conducts your job interview. What are their greatest sins? It turns…

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Ways to ensure your spontaneous application doesn’t go unnoticed

Have you found the company of your dreams, but are there no vacancies? Perhaps you can decorate a job by…

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6 jobs that could (maybe) make you a millionaire

Do you think the average monthly salary is a bit poor? Afrinik searched for six jobs with which you –…

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Three golden tips for changing jobs as a person over 50

Changing jobs in the fall of your career is not easy. You often leave a familiar nest, leading to worries…

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