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From president to prison: 6 African Ex-presidents already in prison

Is the presidential palace a shortcut to prison? Former African leaders know that. Former presidents in prison, Africa has more…

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10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Animals in the wild never know what they will have for dinner – or if they will go hungry at…

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10 tips to become more confident

There are times when we could all use a little extra confidence. This can be related to your health, relationships…

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Elephant avengers, Snakes in bathroom: Cities that animals constantly attack

It seems that a person sometimes forgets that he is not the only master of the planet and those wild…

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The time of queens: how 5 women made politics in Europe in 16th century

A confluence of circumstances led to the fact that the sixteenth century can be safely called the “era of queens.”…

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7 countries with bizarre bans that can lead to severe penalties

It is illegal to use plastic bags in Kenya while chewing gums attract penalties in Singapore. Other bizarre bans that…

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5 African princesses worthy of as much attention as European duchesses

The tabloids are full of news from the life of British duchesses; sometimes, they mention the aristocrats of Europe and…

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5 most important archaeological finds made over the past decade

The history of humanity keeps many more secrets and mysteries. Its researchers make at least one unique and sometimes even…

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Female politicians whose careers ended in murder

Politics is not only a game of numbers, it is difficult to play fair because you may find that you…

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What are the 7 architectural wonders of the new world?

The modern world is not left behind in creating its architectural wonders. Of course, we often stumble upon the wonders…

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5 deadly ancient Greek beauties: everything about them is fiction

The myths about the femme fatale of Ancient Greece tickle the nerves and make the girls sigh: that’s what people…

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6 famous historical figures who may never have existed

History makes fun of people at times. Lack of reliable information about the heroes of ancient story and the habit…

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