Chinese cat that predict the defeat of Nigeria, see what happen next

The prediction cat who had correctly predicted Nigeria’s defeat against Argentina in their last Group D game died last Monday.

Baidian’er who lived at the Beijing Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, made six accurate predictions for this World Cup.

Before each match, the Museum’s staff placed two bowls of food with the flag of the countries in competition before him. The bowl he chose always came out winner.

He gained such notoriety that the Palace Museum created him an account on the Chinese site Weibo.

Unfortunately, his prediction of the Argentina-Nigeria match proved to be the last. The museum announced the day after the match that Baidian’er had fallen ill.

The hind legs of the cat had become paralyzed, he was breathing heavily and meowing in pain.

The announcement of his death sparked thousands of comments on his Weibo account.

Recall that this cat is not to be confused with Achilles, the one who incorrectly predicted the victory of Nigeria against Argentina.

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