Chioma’s ex-boyfriend ironically mocks her with pictures

Davido and his girlfriend Chioma welcomed their first child, Ifeanyi David Adeleke Jnr. However, something newfangled just appeared! Chioma’s ex-boyfriend determined to post a throwback photo of when he was still dating Chioma.

On social networks, the couple’s fans expressed their joy with rains of congratulatory comments. However, this situation seems to displease the ex-boyfriend of Chioma. He would not have accepted the fact that Chioma dropped him for Davido.

Instead of congratulating the couple, he shared on Instagram an old photo of them probably to remind Chioma of his debut.

The awkward move has been seen as a sign of disrespect from the former boyfriend who has refused to take down the photo.

Chioma's ex-boyfriend ironically mocks her with pictures

How would you feel if your wife’s ex-boyfriend shares her intimate photos on the day she gave birth to your child?

Davido and Chioma after he engaged her

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