After Samuel Eto’o, Ghanaian “prophet” also saw Davido’s death

A Ghanaian ‘prophet’ identified as Prince Elisha Osei Kofi is creating a buzz on social media after revealing that he had a vision of the death of Nigerian Afrobeats star David Adeleke, popularly known as ‘Davido’. He also said that only fervent prayers could stop the spirit of death that was hovering around him.

In a video that went viral on social media, the Ghanaian ‘prophet’ identified as Prince Elisha Osei Kofi, made a shocking revelation about Nigerian Afrobeats artiste, ‘Davido’. He said he saw his death in a vision. He added that “the young man (Davido) is a target for the enemy, and they want to kill him. Nevertheless, he advocates fervent prayers to prevent the spirit of death that was hovering around him”.

After Samuel Eto’o, Ghanaian “prophet” also saw Davido’s death
©Facebook – A Ghanaian ‘prophet’ identified as Prince Elisha Osei Kofi

“I saw in the vision that Davido would be shot during a gathering at an event that took place at night. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead. Let us pray to avoid the spirit of death. Every attack on him must be destroyed. This young man (Davido) is the target of the enemy. We pray for his vigilance. We pray that the Lord will give him sobriety and vigilance,” said Ghanaian “prophet” Elisha Osei Kofi. “Let us pray for Nigeria too. I saw Nigeria in flames. I saw chaos and confusion,” he added.

On the o ther hand, the same Ghanaian ‘prophet’ Elisha Osei Kofi, in February this year, alleged that the cause of Funny Face’s endless woes is the result of a curse put on him by one of his colleagues with whom he once had a fight. “Remember I told you once to pray for Funny Face, and someone took him to the shrine to embarrass him? And that he’ll go crazy and wander the streets?” he recalls.

“These things have started to manifest themselves. A celebrity, a very popular person, is responsible for all the tribulations Funny Face is going through. He took Funny to a sanctuary. Even though this person has reconciled with Funny Face, the spell has still not been reversed,” he says.

The pastor’s outing is reminiscent of a similar event involving Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o. Indeed, in July 2020, an Ivorian pastor had predicted the death, by accident, of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions, a “death-like DJ Arafat”, named after the Ivorian singer, who died following a motorbike accident.

However, it is known that in early November 2020, the former striker of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon was the victim of a serious traffic accident, the car in which he was completely destroyed. But Samuel Eto’o, after some medical examinations, was able to return home safe and sound. He even forgave the driver of the truck that caused the accident, who fled after the accident. What will happen to Davido?

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