Christina Aguilera rejected by fan: “I had not recognized her”

Christina Aguilera (37) has walked a blue at café. The singer asked the band to play or to sing along, but her request was rejected. “I did not recognize her”, the fan explains.

The incident took place in a local bar in New Orleans. The singer asked the music group that she was playing or singing a song but was rejected. “Do not you want that? No problem”, says Christina in the video, after which she drips it off.

The singer from the local band has now responded to the event. “I’m sorry Christina, I just did not recognize you,” he defends. “She had a hat and did not introduce herself.” The man, who is a fan of the singer, now of course regrets that he shot such a chance. “Come back, Christina,” sounds his plea. “Then you can sing with us as much as you want.” The singer has not yet responded to his call.

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