Codependency relationship: 9 signs you’re addicted to a relationship

Always, addiction is something bad. You don’t look at the world around you realistically; you get stuck on something, don’t have much control over your feelings and actions, etc. Also, it’s tough to stop doing what you’re addicted to. Either you’ll convince yourself that you’re doing everything right, or you’ll suffer, but you’ll stay in bad situations or with people who hurt your health and quality of life.

This is also true for falling in love and feeling romantic. You can become too reliant on your relationships, making you an easy target for people who want to take advantage of you and forcing you to pay all your attention to your personal life. We’ve put together a list of signs that show you’re addicted to a relationship.

1. A temporary break-up is hard for you

It’s normal to feel bored in a relationship, and it’s odd if you don’t. But bored people miss each other when they don’t see each other for a long time or when they can’t be close to each other for other reasons. If it’s hard for you to leave your partner for even a few hours, let alone for 24 hours, this should be a red flag.

A person with a healthy view of a relationship has something to do when his partner isn’t paying attention to her. He can have time for himself and his hobbies, spend time with family and friends, relax, and take a break from everything. If you don’t know what to do when your girlfriend goes off to do her own things, that’s a scary sign that you’re too addicted to the relationship.

2. You worry that your partner will leave

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Even though you seem to have a stable relationship, respect each other, and have been on the same page for a long time, the idea that your girlfriend could just up and leave you is very upsetting. This fear is always in your head; no matter how hard you try, you can’t eliminate it. You worry whenever you fight, she makes a claim against you, or you spend time apart.

This is something else that people who get caught up in relationships tend to do. You can’t imagine your life without the person you love, so you take any idea that you might be left alone seriously, even if it seems impossible. In this case, not only could you ruin your life, but so could the girl. Unfounded jealousy and constantly complaining about your fear of losing your partner will quickly bore even the most loving person.

3. All of your free time and attention goes to your relationships

Think about what else you do in your life besides being in a relationship. Work doesn’t count because it’s not a choice. What you do with your time if you spend time with family and friends, take care of your health, and do what you love. You would have a problem if you said no to these questions.

Relationships shouldn’t take time and energy when you’re not with them. Love is important, but many other things are just as important.

4. Nothing brings you happiness except relationships

Codependency relationship: 9 warning signs you're addicted to a relationship

Everything that previously interested you, caused positive emotions or pleased you has been relegated to the back burner once you’ve started a relationship. Now the only thing that makes you feel good is the person you love. You’ve abandoned your hobbies, no desire to try new things, and almost no contact with those who were part of your life before you met the girl. Your coldness to everything except romantic relationships shows that you have become an addict.

5. Breaking up scares you more than anything else

You often think that you could forgive your partner anything: disrespect, constant tantrums, the desire to control all your actions, and even betrayal. Not to break up with her and not to be alone. You can not imagine yourself separated from your loved one. It seems to you that the worst thing is to lose the one with whom you are connected by feelings, shared memories, habits, and so on.

Of course, everyone has to have some limit to what their family and friends are allowed to do. Patience is not infinite. And in those moments when you realize that you are not ready to put up with the girl’s words or actions, you should think about your physical and psychological comfort, not about how to save the relationship.

6. You fall in love very quickly

Codependency relationship: 9 warning signs you're addicted to a relationship

You haven’t seen each other in person yet, or you’ve only had your first date, and you’re already ready to ask the girl to date, and you’re making dreams about your future together. This is one of the clearest examples of relationship addiction. You’re always actively looking for a victim to focus your attention on. Seriously, if you recognize yourself in this approach, you better get busy improving your life. Develop yourself, work hard, expand your social circle, and identify your feelings better. It’s unlikely that your crush and desire to find a mate faster will help you meet the right person.

7. You let people treat you badly

There has to be mutual respect in a relationship, not just a romantic one, but pretty much any relationship. If there isn’t, or if only one person respects the other person’s feelings, interests, or dreams, the relationship needs to end even more if they don’t stop hurting you when you ask them to.

If you are willing to put up with any disrespect and do nothing about it, this is a scary sign that you are addicted to the relationship. You decide to stay with someone who doesn’t like you. Find out what makes it happen, whether it’s fear of being alone or something else if you want to stop feeling uncomfortable all the time.

8. Your mind is always full of thoughts about people and plans for the future

Your head should be full of thoughts about work, hobbies, family, friends, vacations, and other things. You should pay attention to many parts of your life and whose well-being you should care about. It’s not normal to be so into a relationship that you can’t think about anything else. If you only think about love and don’t let yourself think about other things that are just as important, you put your mental health and quality of life at great risk.

9. You don’t have control over how you feel

Codependency relationship: 9 warning signs you're addicted to a relationship

When your partner pays attention to you or says or does something nice, you can’t help but feel happy. You become dependent, which makes you easy to control with promises or threats. Manipulation can be out in the open and clear to everyone, including yourself. But there’s nothing you can do about it.

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