Comoros: former President Sambi under house arrest

In the Comoros, former President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi was given house arrest yesterday, Saturday, May 19.

Armed soldiers surrounded his home in the evening. The deputies and the political bureau of his party who had decided to meet at his home, found themselves stuck in the home of the former head of state. The soldiers do not let in or out anyone.

“Considering his actions in recent days and in order to preserve public order and security, Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi is placed under house arrest”. It is with these words and without more precision that the note of the Ministry of the Interior intimates the order to the former head of state not to leave his home, without first submitting the request to the department of Public Security.

Presented to former President Sambi in the day of Saturday, the note does not evoke any visits. MPs and members of the political bureau of his party then met at his home, after the evening prayers specific to the month of Ramadan. To their surprise, after their arrival, armed soldiers surrounded the home of Ahmed Abdallah Sambi preventing anyone from entering or leaving.

The group immobilized at the residence of the former president questions the legality of the action emanating from a circular note signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior and not a court decision.

Earlier this week, the former president was auditioned for four hours on his role in the so-called “economic citizenship” case [ last April, a parliamentary committee handed over to President Azali Assoumani an investigation report accusing the former presidents Sambi and Ikililou of fraud, Ed]. No incident had followed this interrogation.

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