Congolese music legend Aurlus Mabele dies of ‘coronavirus’

Aurlus Mabele, the star of Congolese music, died at the hospital in Paris, the French capital, at the age of 67. Messages from friends and relatives on social media say he died of the coronavirus, but that has not yet been confirmed.

His fans called him the king of the soukous – a very rhythmic Congolese musical and dance style, which became famous throughout Africa. Her daughter, French singer Liza Monet, tweeted Thursday that her father died from the coronavirus. “I am inconsolable,” she wrote.

Mav Cacharel, a member of Super Loketo, also said on Facebook that he died of the coronavirus. His manager, Jimmy Ouetenou, however, told BBC Africa that it was not confirmed that he died from the coronavirus and that he had health problems for a long time.

He was admitted to the hospital on Thursday and died the same day. Aurlus Mabele, whose real name is Aurélien Miatsonama, was originally from Congo-Brazzaville and settled in France in the 1980s. He became famous all over East Africa in the 1980s, with more than 10 million albums sold, according to the music website Music in Africa.

Among his successes, we can cite the title Embargo. Ouetenou said talks are already underway with the Congolese government to have him buried in his home country. Meanwhile, his coffin will be placed in a funeral vault until travel restrictions due to the coronavirus are lifted.

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