Corona resistant restaurant: has one seat, food serve via rope

It could hardly be more Coronabusting! One man, one seat, and food served through the rope. A temporary restaurant in the sparsely populated Swedish region of Varmland has only one chair at a table, and they are also located in the middle of a meadow.

The open-air restaurant has no service either. The food comes in a basket on a rope from the kitchen through a window to the table. The first basket contains a drink, according to the initiator and chef Rasmus Persson.

He and his partner Linda Karlsson came up with the idea for a solo restaurant when they visited her parents earlier this year and served them a meal outside through the window.

The restaurant Bord för En (Table for One) welcomed its first guest. The rest of May is fully booked. In June and July, the table can sometimes still be reserved. There is protection against rain.

One table with a chair and basket of food via rope
©REUTERS – One table with a chair and basket of food via rope

Unlike many other countries, the restaurants in Sweden did not close during the corona crisis. However, they must be kept at a distance.

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