Not just Windsor: the most powerful royals of the 21st century

Undoubtedly, the British royal family occupies the first place in terms of influence and debate in the world. Moreover, its representatives give the media and the general public a lot of informational reasons.

But the Windsors are not the only ones wielding significant influence. There are several another no less famous and discussed royal houses in the world, whose members, however, are not inclined to such demarches as, for example, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Great Britain

Great attention has always been drawn to the representatives of the British royal family. Elizabeth II has been sitting on the throne for nearly 70 years, and her four children, eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren have consistently provided the media with food for discussion.

Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some make loud statements in the press and give interviews that attract attention to all family members; others, like Prince Andrew, find themselves embroiled in a severe sex slavery scandal. However, throughout her reign, Elizabeth II has to keep her finger on the pulse and take care of her kingdom and all her many relatives.

Saudi Arabia

The Royal House of Saudis, as of November 2020, is the richest in the world, with a fortune of $1.4 trillion. The Saudis have absolute power in the country since the dynasty representatives hold all top posts in the country, except local government.

The number of dynasty members is also impressive; according to the most conservative estimates, there are now about 25 thousand of them. So far, the throne is occupied by 84-year-old Salman ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud, who, according to rumours, has long been a purely nominal figure due to age and health. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud took over the leadership.


The King of Spain is a very remarkable person. His height is 1.97 meters, which allowed Philip IV to become the tallest monarch globally and get into the Guinness Book of Records. Outstanding external data contributed to the fact that Peoplе magazine included the Spanish king in the most handsome men on the planet.

Keeping up with the king and his wife Letizia, who is rightfully considered one of the world’s most beautiful and stylish first ladies. And the Spanish royal family has gained fame as the most economical in Europe, compared to the British royal family, their expenses are almost 12 times less.


The King of Norway and his wife are very popular in the country. Harald V at once went against his own father’s will and did not give up his love for the ordinary saleswoman Sonia Haraldsen, whom he had secretly met for nine years. It seems that he was even ready to give up the right to the throne, but, fortunately, he did not have to do this, and the so desired wedding was nevertheless played. In his personal life, the son of Harald V, Crown Prince Haakon, followed his father’s example and married a girl from the most ordinary family, whom he met at the festival. He was not even embarrassed because the chosen one, Matte-Marit, had an illegitimate child.

King Harald V’s daughter Martha Louise became famous for being the first member of the modern Norwegian royal family to divorce. Her ex-husband, writer Ari Ben, committed suicide two years after the divorce.


The king of Sweden has been ruling the country for 45 years, and Carl XVI’s wife Silvia, a former guide-translator, is prone to extravagant, from the point of view of the royal family acts. She can have a monkey as a pet, and she loves to walk around Stockholm alone. This is very unusual for a queen, mainly since she uses a wig for disguise. The couple is raising a son and two daughters, the eldest of whom is the Crown Princess.


For over 700 years, the principality has been ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty, which is one of the oldest in Europe. Today, Prince Albert II, the son of Prince Rainier III and the well-known actress Grace Kelly, sits on the throne. The monarch himself became famous not only as a ruler but also as an avid athlete. He took part in the Olympics five times as part of the Monaco national bobsleigh team and participated in the Paris-Dakar rally.

Even with his future wife Charlene Wittstock, the South African swimming champion, he met at the Mare Nostrum competition. Albert II became the first acting monarch to visit the North Pole and also became famous for his numerous victories on the love front and the birth of two illegitimate children from different women. Today his twins Jacques and Gabriella are growing up.


King Abdullah and Queen Rania are practically an example of a family. They try never to be apart, raise four children and, outside of fulfilling royal duties, prefer to lead the usual way of life for millions of people. They enjoy spending time together, and the king himself grills steaks and makes burgers for his wife and children. Rania dispenses with the help of a cook and a gardener, preferring to do household chores on her own.


Unlike other royal families in Europe, Willem-Alexander, who sits on the throne of the Netherlands, and his wife, Queen Maxima, prefer to lead a very closed life and not allow any rumours or scandals to appear. They have three daughters growing up, and in the press, Willem-Alexander and Maxima are mentioned, as a rule, exclusively in connection with official events or events.

Often, people think of aristocrats and royalty as holy and awe-inspiring individuals who have overcome a lot to come to the throne. Of course, some of the princes and princesses were pretty nice people, but others, on the contrary, stood out from the crowd for their actions, follies and atrocities, which many remember to this day.

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