Coronavirus: 20 most affected countries in Africa so far

Coronavirus doesn’t spare any continent, from Asia to Europe, where it’s hitting Italy and Spain currently. Africa countries are not exceptional to the case because the continent has low health facilities to fight the deadly lung disease.

The confirmed corona cases in some African countries vary, and the new report evolves every day. The black continent lived in hope when, in its early hours, the new coronavirus cut across Asia and Europe. However, the pandemic virus has claimed more victims globally.

For this purpose, we offer you the list of the 20 most-affected countries in Africa as of Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

S/NCountriesNo. of CasesQuarantined TreatedDeaths
1South Africa70970540
3Burkina Faso11410374
7Ivory Coast737120
9Ghana68660 2
10Cameroon 666321
13D.R. Congo454302
14Rwanda4040 00
15Kenya2525 00
17Madagascar 191900
18Uganda1414 0 0
19Ethiopia1212 00
20Tanzania12120 0

In Africa, there are 2, 460 total number of confirmed cases, while 2, 213, cases still under quarantine, and 181 patients treated, only 66 deaths recorded so far.

 Overview of coronavirus affected countries in Africa as of 25 March 2020
©BBC Africa – Overview of coronavirus affected countries in Africa as of 25 March 2020

Note that at these hours, this classification could be reversed for the proof that new records will be added today, victims were recorded in number in these countries and several others on the continent.

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