Coronavirus is also affecting the Corona beer brand

It was soon a faint word, not for Corona Beer Virus! But the global panic around the outbreak of the coronavirus is also affecting the Corona beer brand.

Americans and Australians who typed Coronavirus into Google last week were given the term ‘Corona Beer Virus’ as a second option. Enough inspiration for some vloggers, who immediately washed away the golden yellow barley for a joke. Of course, the beer has nothing to do with the spread of the virus, but people fear to click on the Google link for fear of contamination.

Coronavirus is also affecting the Corona beer brand
Corona beer

As a result, in several countries including India, Australia, Canada, and the United States, there was a peak in searches for popular beer from Mexico. For the sake of clarity… also reports that US President Donald Trump has banned the fight against the virus Coronabier is not real. Just like the message that Corona has changed the brand name to Ebola Extra.

ABInBev bought the brand in 2012 and paid 16 billion euros to the Mexican parent company Grupo Modelo. It is not clear whether the panic contaminates beer turnover. “We cannot yet map out the consequences,” a spokesperson told the financial TV channel RTL Z. Brand experts believe that ABInBev should do nothing to suppress the nonsense messages. “Stay still,” it sounds.

VIDEO: internet comedian Brad Holmes posted this sketch on Facebook on Thursday, which has been viewed more than 4.8 million times.

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