Couple receive 17 strokes of the cane for kissing publicly

They never imagined that love could make them become prisoner and be punished by 17 strokes of the cane. Some countries have strict laws on displays of affection in public and terribly punish to those who surprise on the spot. Such is the case that recently occurred in Thailand, where a young couple received seventeen strokes of the cane in front of a crowd for kissing.

This happened in the province of Aceh, on the island of Sumatra, where the boys, eighteen years of age, were convicted for manifesting their love publicly.

Seventeen strokes

According to information from international media, both received a total of seventeen strokes of the cane with a strong stick, while curious residents of a Banda Aceh mosque observed the show. The sentence that attracted strokes of the cane was because, according to the authorities, the couple was caught kissing in public, a fact that is forbidden by Islamic law. Alcohol consumption, homosexuality and sexual relations outside of marriage are just some of the things that are punishable and that break the established sharia laws.

Fifty strokes

This is not the only situation that has arisen in the region, because in the past month a man and a woman, who had relations, were subjected to a total of 50 strokes. In the same way, the act was performed in front of the public.

Human rights

Convictions of this kind have been rejected by social network, who have demanded from the international authorities the quickest intervention to prevent the violation of the rights of people in this part of the world.

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