Culinary toppers from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal will conquer the world in 2019

What will the pot be doing next year? If we are to believe experts, a lot of tasty things await us in 2019.

Whether you’re into complicated cocktails, prefer to eat out, rather like a quick bite in between or just prefer to cook at home: the coming year there is a trend for everyone’s taste. This is what you can expect in 2019.

Conscious food

As in all other areas of our lives, technology will also play an increasingly important role in the culinary world. Through the use of algorithms, voice recognition technology and the like it is becoming easier to know exactly what we eat. By using modern technology, it is good that personalized diet advice is soon within reach for everyone.

Ice creams

According to experts, ice creams are a real trend next year. Do not think of a simple scoop of vanilla or a decent banana split, but rather exotic flavours. And new textures that make your visit to the ice cream shop an unforgettable experience.

West African food

Culinary toppers from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali will conquer the world in 2019. West African cuisine is packed with herbs and is also quite healthy. In addition, many of these dishes are made in a single pot or pan. Not only easy to prepare in advance for when friends come by, but also ideal because you have little washing up.

Bitter food

If you’ve already drunk a Negroni or Aperol spritz, you know how deliciously bitter it tastes. Chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa in the coming months. According to nutrition experts will be a real topper.

Healthy (er) cocktails

Cocktails with less sugar or no alcohol are a healthier alternative to the classic variants, full of sweeteners. In addition, vegan varieties of egg-based cocktails (such as the pisco tour) will become popular in 2019 according to experts. You also expect savory cocktails with, for example, beetroot or pickled onion.

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