Cute: Parker Curry dresses up like Michelle Obama for Halloween

The two-year-old Parker Curry became an internet sensation early this year when she was watching with open mouth the official state portrait of Michelle Obama. Months later her fascination with the former first lady is still not waning, her choice for her Halloween costume shows: the little Parker wanted (of course) to go as Michelle Obama.

The image of the young African-American girl who is mesmerized by an immense portrait of the first African-American first lady became an internet hit early this year:

Michelle Obama also noticed the photo and invited the toddler and her family members. During the subsequent meeting she made a dance with the girl.

All that appears to have made a deep impression on Parker, who said promptly last week that she wanted to celebrate Halloween by dressing as Michelle Obama.

Mama Jessica sat with her hands on her knee: where did she get a Michelle Obama costume so quickly? “She said immediately that she wanted to go as Michelle Obama. I expected her to say Elsa or any other character she knows.”

To get an appropriate costume, Jessica decided to contact Alisha Welsh, a woman who own clothing label and had offered her aunt and in March to an Obama dress for Parker. “It was a little late, but she still wanted to do it,” Jessica says relieved. “I do not know how she managed it, but she has managed to make the dress and we think it’s fantastic that she has done the effort for us.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama herself has given her blessing through social media for the special creation: “You nailed the look, Parker! I love it!!!! ❤️”

According to mother Jessica Parker still talks about Michelle Obama every day. “She tells people every day that she is the girl who met with Michelle Obama and that they are friends.”

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