Despite feminism, why do unmarried women evoke sympathy?

Painful questions “When is the wedding?” and “Why haven’t you married yet?” still have not disappeared anywhere, although feminism is in trend today.

And this is even though now everyone can achieve success alone because it is necessary to find a mate and enter into an official marriage. But the girl, no matter how successful she is, is still considered to fail until she gets married.

Even in childhood, we imposed many stereotypes about marriage because every fairy tale about love ended in marriage. We grew up thinking that the sooner we get married, the better and that each of us dreams of a white dress and that every wedding day. The title of an old maid, carefully thought out by society for unmarried people, is still considered a shameful stigma.

Most of the stereotypes about marriage came to us from the past, mainly from when women were equated with pets. For example, back in the twentieth century, the female was forbidden to sign most of the documents, this was done for them by their husbands. In times of lack of equality, marriage was the only indicator of a woman’s success.

In the 21st century, girls are accessible more than ever, and formal marriages are contracted less and less. Lovers have become more serious about building a family and now strive to enter into an official marriage, already being holistic individuals and professionals in their field. Stereotypes remain, but only because the change in the public consciousness is a long-term process.

Since feminism is already in trend, the female half has no urgent need to rush to the registry office. This slowness gradually erases hackneyed stereotypes about marriage and changes society. Most modern women think about getting married only after achieving success in their careers, and this trend has already become a regularity.

Now, before getting married, a girl wants to be 100% sure that the applicant is worthy of her. Gone are the days when only a man chose his wife. Today, a woman also chooses a husband who can match her, help her develop, and not drag her down.

This change in the perception of marriage has contributed to the emergence of a fashion trend in the relationship between a man and a woman called the power couple. This term means a union of two accomplished people who become even more effective, uniting into one whole.

There are many examples of such couples among famous people: Beyonce and Jay-Z, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds. Each of them was successful even before the official marriage, but after they became legal spouses, the couples reached the peak of their careers and world fame.

Today, marriage is much more than just the formal registration of a relationship. Increasingly, a stamp in a passport is put not just always to be together, but also to go together towards success. After all, when a marriage is registered by two lovers and accomplished people ready to be one team in achieving their goals, this is a clear sign of success and happiness.

Of course, it is unpleasant that inquisitive relatives still pester girls with banal questions about unplayed weddings and non-existent husbands. These questions and stereotypes are relics of the past that will soon be forgotten. Today, every woman has the right not to rush down the aisle and actively engage in self-realization to make future marriage more successful and durable.

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