Discover seduction in African style

Seduction, a second nature for Women, is part of the genetic heritage of all women.

The secrets of women are transmitted from mother to daughter, from generation to generation, even ensuring the durability of all these little touches.

Preview of the bottom of these top and small inventories of the artifices of seduction in Africans…

The room is a place of rest privileged for the savvy, a place of voluptuous brawling between partners and consenting adults…

To optimize the assets that the nature generously distributed to them and pushing the seduction even in its most extreme entrenchments, the women invested the room to make it a territory, undermined by the “war of the sexes”. An initiative about which, no man complains…

Fine pearls of plastic or ceramic

“Bine-Bine” are fine pearls made of plastic or ceramic. There is a wide variety of bine-bine.

“The fluorescents are very popular and allow to find their way in the dark…

“When girls put several necklaces around their waist and roam while waving, the man turns into a wolf.”

“This very evocative noise is a real invitation for the male… who knows how to listen,” said Sokhna Sow, a woman with a lobster, who was met in a Dakar alley.

The latter, knowing on the fingertips, this feminine heritage, also reveals the characteristics of the “Dial-Diali” coveted women.

According to her, the “Dial-Diali” is made of wooden beads more kids than the bine-bine.

They make a sound a little squealing (dial-dial-dial-dial), when its carrier moves.

“This heady noise is for connoisseurs a real call to action. They are put around the waist, rather on the hips.”

“We can personalize them by dipping them in a jar of incense, flavored with various flavors, according to the tastes of each one.”

The Dial-Dialis roll on the hips and are another adornment for the naked body of a woman.

“In Senegal, in the Sahel, in Sudan and in Chad among others. “Dial-Diali” are known to tickle the failing virilities,” she says.

A Seductive woman is not limited to these tips cited above. They give themselves also, the means to procure small loincloths.

This tool of seduction has become the ultimate in bridlewear. Small loincloths are often pierced or not, in cotton or silk.

Often “neutral” and “wise” or adorned with highly suggestive drawings, they suggest more than they reveal.

Taking good care of this provocative artifice, the small loincloths are accompanied by “nemali” or incense, perfumed to raise the oduor with various perfumes and essences.

This mixture, she notes, is sprinkled on embers, placed in a small earthenware pot, called “Ande Thiouraye” in Senegal.

Incense is supposed to reveal the beast, sleeping in any man… who respects himself.


“Saf-Safal” or sex drug is introduced where it is needed in these ladies.

It is supposed to enhance the intensity of the act of flesh, providing a torrid heat, worthy of the fires of hell.

“It’s hot, but it does not burn,” she warns. And, to embellish the evening seductive, these good ladies, prefer to put a little “string”.

This one, highlights the rotundities, where the thigh is called differently.

Present under all the skies, the “string” is a beautiful example of successful globalization…

The fine African size explains the use of pearl necklace, from the youngest age.

It is common nowadays to see babies with necklaces around their necks to lengthen the neck. But as an adult, it’s something else.

“To seduce, the woman must parry her body. Hence the use of “Dial-Diali” among many other women’s secrets.

The erotic game does not just start in bed. To attract their husbands, some wives get dressed very early and sometimes serving dinner.

“Thus, the clatter of pearls awakens the senses,” concludes the young laobe.

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