Disgust and appreciation: how internet reacts to Tesla’s bizarre pickup

Has Elon Musk gone crazy? That is the most common online response to Tesla’s Cybertruck. Many internet users hope for a joke and call the pickup “bizarre” and “terrible”, but the “Teslapostelen” praises the design into heaven.

Just another joke on Instagram: Elon Musk who allegedly shouts: “I said you should use the pyramid model for the marketing strategy, not for the car itself!” Others write that Musk stole their design from a drawing they made when they were five years old. The most positive response is pretty much from people who say that the Cybertruck is so ugly that it becomes beautiful again.

We were warned. Elon Musk said that this model would polarize and that the car would look like nothing. “Did the designers lose their compass because they only used a geo-triangle when drawing the car?”, Some wonder aloud. Others complain that the photos have a very low resolution because they only see large pixels. And finally, there is also a group that asks Tesla if the delivery sometimes starts on 1 April.

Lego or Minecraft?

The Cybertruck is based on the Lotus S1 Esprit that was used in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me from 1977. This car transformed into a submarine after a chase. Many reactions that followed the presentation of the pickup also speculate on possible sources of inspiration that Musk had to come to this design. Whether he had been smoking in a studio or had played too much with Lego or Minecraft.

From the point of view of safety for pedestrians and cyclists, there is fierce criticism of the design. The angular design of the heavy truck would not be adapted to the soft road users. The question also arises as to why on earth a truck should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds. Traffic expert Dirk Lauwers (UA and UGent) even wonders if the “war vehicle” should not be banned in the EU.

Per federal regulators, a collision with a truck or SUV (rather than a car) is 4x more likely to kill a child. Their high, blunt front ends strike children in the head & direct them downward.


Exo skeleton

But there are also positive reactions. According to many, Elon Musk has the biggest balls in the car industry because he dares to make something that is different from the competition. According to them, all pickups look the same. A number of people initially said they were shocked, but nowadays they like the car.

The reason the car looks like this is that the car has a sort of exoskeleton, rather than a body on a ladder frame. The indestructible (now yes) stainless steel exterior is part of the skeleton just like insects. Underneath the skin is the batteries that give the car a range of more than 800 kilometers. The strongest version can also accelerate within three seconds from 0-100 km/h and pull a maximum of 6,350 kilos. And all for a starting price of $ 39,900.

Yet Musk’s guess is big. Brands such as Rivian and Bollinger have now shown electric pickups that are not polarizing and other brands are also working on a similar model. In short, many wonder aloud whether Musk did not literally smash his own glasses during the presentation. A sharp fall in the share price is predicted and this hugely different design is the beginning of the end, according to many. Time will tell.

elon musk Tesla Cybertruck.
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