Do you want to make love or wed in an airplane? it is possible!

If you want to give a hearty jingle between the clouds, you can book a flight with the American Love Cloud. This airline offers private flights that are guaranteed to take your love life to a higher level.

love in an airplane: it appeals to many in the imagination. Yet in reality it is probably slightly less romantic. The small toilets and the all-seeing eye of the stewards and hostesses make it almost impossible to celebrate the physical love with your partner during your flight.

Those who want to be able to delete their bucket list absolutely can now book a seat on a Love Cloud plane. This airline from Las Vegas rents private planes that are made for a romantic adventure.

Unfasten belts, open zippers
If you book their mile-high club package, you will be welcomed on board a very comfortable plane. A double bed, red, satin sheets, an abundance of pillows and a dash of romantic music will put you in the mood to literally get off the ground.

The pilot will fly you up to exactly 1 mile (or 1,600 meters) into the air after which the belts may be released and the zippers open. The pilot in turn puts on a decent headset so that he will not hear anything from your love affairs.

Of course, there is a considerable price tag for love in the air. Those who do not want to stretch the love game too long can book a love flight of three quarters of an hour (including take-off and landing) for $900 (775 euros). Those who prefer to take their time, for example, can spend an hour and a half for $1,400 (1,200 euros) on a pink cloud for an hour and a half.

Getting married between the clouds
In addition to the Mile-High Club package, Love Cloud also offers flights for bravere romantic moments. For $1,200 (1,000 euros) you can dine in the air with your loved one and for $1,100 (950 euros) you can even marry between the clouds. The wedding bouquet and the pastor are also included in that sum.

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