Does your partner no longer show affection? That’s how you handle it

Where in the beginning the sparks and the fire of your relationship spattered, there is now hardly a small pilot flame to see. It is normal. A new relationship often goes hand in hand with a lot of sezx and a good portion of intimacy, but after some time it will come to a lower level.

Although you and your partner see each other as deadly, the affection is looking for something. But sometimes there is more to it than we suspect.

“Sometimes a partner shows less affection because he or she comes into contact with stress, mental problems, illness or trauma. They focus on themselves and have less attention for you”, explains Brian Jory, relationship expert. So, it does not always have to do with you. We often tend to think immediately that the problem starts with us, but in this case, it does not always mean that your partner no longer sees you.

But there are several reasons why the shoe can pinch. Jory explains that a difficult period in the relationship can also be a breaker for affection. “It may be that your partner is angry with you, has a lower libido, or is no longer in love with you.” And however difficult it may be to hear that, it is important to face the truth. “If your partner no longer gives you attention because he or she is no longer in love, then there is often not much left”, explains the relationship expert. “It is difficult to regain love after it leaves. Love stimulates trust, affection and intimacy. Once that goes out, there is often only one thing left.”

Although it is not the intention that we immediately start from the worst. You can work on regaining affection. “Talk about what effect the lack of affection has on you,” Jory says. “Do you feel lonely? Do you miss intimacy and touch? Talk about your feelings but do not try to point your finger. Show respect and understanding for their feelings.”

Remember that you and your partner have a good relationship, even though it may be less visible now. “Keep focusing on the positive. Give each other compliments, be happy and try to keep a nice atmosphere, with that you will attract your partner more.”

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