DRC: Turns around decision not to issue visas to the French and Belgians

Only hours after the revelation of the decision, Emmanuel Ilunga, Minister in charge of Congolese Abroad, announced Thursday night the withdrawal of “instructions” on visa restrictions to French and Belgians.

It only lasted 48 hours. Signed on 24 July by the Minister Delegate in charge of Congolese Abroad, Emmanuel Ilunga, the note on “instructions” that the embassies of the DRC should deliver to the French and Belgians only “humanitarian visas or for health care” has just been “withdrawn”.

The reversion of the Congolese government took place only hours after confirmation from the same minister of the authenticity of the document that had leaked on social networks.

It was a “strict application of the Vienna Convention”, explained Emmanuel Ilunga.

Call to order or “chance to dialogue”? What happened? “Emmanuel Ilunga has taken a decision without having received the green light from his chief, the Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs,” says a source familiar with the matter.

“We have received several phone calls since this decision was made public, trying to justify himself Minister Ilunga. We then decided to give the opportunity to the ongoing dialogue with our partners”.

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