Dream job: earn €8,000 by surfing the internet for two weeks

Surf randomly on the waves of the World Wide Web and get paid big for it? It is possible, thanks to the Norwegian internet company Opera, which is looking for a ‘personal browser’.

Opera, the main competitor to the browsers Chrome and Firefox, is targeting the over 18s whose only job is to explore every corner of the Internet and share his or her experience online.

The assignment lasts two weeks and will take place this winter. Not surprisingly, and in the case of this job, that is no mean feat: the chosen applicant will receive no less than 8,000 euros in his bank account.

If you are that friend who surprises others with the latest memes or you are a natural at finding the most bizarre things on the internet, then it is your lucky day, Opera tries to get internauts excited about the position.


Specifically, the internet company all over the world is looking for someone who is fluent in English, has a stable internet connection and is older than 18. Must not be missing: “we’re looking for the kind of person who loves silly memes, watching baby seal videos and studying conspiracy theories. Yes, you.”, it sounds in a press release.

Those who want to make a bid for the function of a personal browser are asked to submit a short video of 15 to 60 seconds in which he or she discusses the most important browsing moment of his or her life.

The application period will run until November 13. More information can be found here.

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    1. Many factors changes human relations but in this way, it might affect the way we interact with our fellow human

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