Drunk man helps emergency services search for himself

A man who had drunkenly wandered into the forest and was reported missing by his friends spent hours helping to find himself. This is what Turkish media report. The man voluntarily joined a rescue team in the forest.

Beyhan Mutlu, a 50-year-old construction worker, was out with his friends Wednesday night in Inegol, a town in Busra Province. The alcohol flowed abundantly before Mutlu left his friends behind and went into the forest. His friends then failed to reach him for hours. The police were notified, after which the officers launc hed a search operation.

When Mutlu woke up and wandered through the forest, he noticed a rescue team with aid workers and volunteers. “I went over to them,” he tells Sabah. “It turned out they were looking for a missing person. I joined them and started helping with the search.”

It wasn’t until he heard his name loudly called hours later that the cat came out of the bag, according to Ada Haber. “I’m here!” it sounded. Then someone from the rescue team asked to reveal his identity. Only then did it become clear that he was looking for himself along with them.

Beyhan Mutlu himself blames his friend for the drunken prank. “We were staying in a house in the forest and I went to sleep there,” he says. “But a friend who couldn’t find me reported me missing.”

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