Good reasons not to drink alcohol on your first date

I am a shy type, and how could I start the conversation and what will I say first? I will take alcohol to feel better off. Are you the type that believes in taking alcohol in order to reduce fear on your first date? If so, this article is for you.

Going out without drinking alcohol, whether you’re taking a short break or getting completely sober for life, is something everyone should try.

If, like many men, you say to yourself, ‘how can I not drink on a date? Having a conversation over a drink is an essential part of getting to know someone’. You still have a lot to learn.

Good reasons not to drink alcohol on your first date
Romantic couple dating at night in pub

Don’t worry, even without alcohol, this first meeting will be fine. As we age, it is getting more challenging to recover from a drunken night. The headache does not go away, sleep is hard to find and is very light, and the memories of the day before are not legion.

If you ever decide to cut down on your alcohol intake a bit, not only will you feel healthier, but you will have a clearer head when you go on a date.

Well, gently on the speech of purity, which interests me average, but flirts without alcohol during a first meeting can be learned!

You will be a better judge

Being sober on a date means you’ll have a clear head when deciding if you’re having a good time. Alcohol is undoubtedly disinhibiting, but it is misleading. Sometimes alcohol can even make a normal girl attractive to you.

First date without alcohol: you will also save time and money if you do not want to pursue the adventure with this girl further. Having control over your thoughts and emotions during a date gives you an excellent opportunity to assess whether it will work after one or two dates.

Alcohol sometimes gives some men the courage to hang on to an uninteresting girl longer than they should. I think being sober on the first date gives you a better chance of finding a more suitable partner for you, which can save you time in the short and long term.

You can let your ideas speak

Going on a date where you don’t drink means you have to think about changing the norm, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Good reasons not to drink alcohol on your first date

Hanging out at the same bar over and over again can get boring and mundane. Women want to be surprised. Not drinking allows you to have new experiences! This will create bonds on a whole new level that you would not have felt on a crowded and noisy patio.

You can experiment with physical activities like hiking, biking, yoga, or visiting places like parks, bookstores, or museums if you don’t feel like breaking a sweat. Without alcohol but standing up, you put all the chances for a quality date.

You will have complete control of yourself

You can discover a lot by going out and not drinking. You’ll notice your surroundings more, you can have an exciting conversation, and you will remember what the girls tell you on that first date without alcohol.

You will have a lot of fun without alcohol, a different pleasure: the pleasure of mastering conversation—the joy of knowing where you want to lead the discussion. The pleasure of stringing together the suitable topics of conversation to make this girl laugh and seduce her. The joy of avoiding subjects that are too sinister, too sad, in which alcohol sometimes drags us.

Being in control also means you’ll be able to exert a little more genuine effort than usual when the girl asks you to step out of your comfort zone. You will give in less to your aggressive instincts, your easy valves, and your murderous spikes that come out on their own when you drink.

No alcohol equals no stress. If you are nervous before, relax, there is no reason for this to go wrong. This girl has agreed to a first date with you, not to judge you, but to get to know you. Relax: she, too, is afraid of not being up to the task.

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