Dwarf galaxy collision: will cosmic explosion be the end of the earth?

Climate change does not destroy our earth or a cosmic explosion of our galaxy. Astrophysicists, after all, calculated that dwarf galaxy LMC is on a disaster with our Milky Way. The result would be spectacular fireworks, although you could not retell it.

A crash between the dwarf galaxy LMC and our Milky Way galaxy would blow up the earth as well as a part of our galaxy. This is evident from a computer simulation of astronomers at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Earlier, astronomers shared a similar message. According to that message, the Andromeda system would ultimately destroy our earth. Now, however, it appears that a smaller dwarf galaxy with the name Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) goes our way and can destroy the earth in about 2.5 billion years. The cosmic collision with the Andromeda system was only predicted in eight billion years.

Turn around

Currently, the dwarf galaxy is about 163,000 light years away from our Milky Way galaxy. It moves on at a speed of 250 kilometres per second, away from our galaxy. But according to the computer simulations, the galaxy will at a certain moment slow down and reverse, towards the Milky Way. “If that happens, our descendants will not be able to resist,” said Carlos Frenk, cosmologist at Durham University.


To conclude with a positive note: “LMC is big but the dwarf galaxy will not completely destroy our galaxy. That would be the Andromeda system. A clash with that galaxy would mean an Armageddon.”

The ominous results and conclusions of the astronomers were published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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