Egyptian singer Sherine Abel-Wahab ban in her own country

Sherine Abdel-Wahab has been banned from performing in her own country. The Egyptian singer is punished because she had recently said that there is no freedom of expression in Egypt. At least, claims a lawyer who would have been present at the concert.

The Egyptian Association of Musicians will be sitting around the table on March 27 to investigate the claim, Egypt Independent reports.

Sherine Abdel-Wahab is known for her bold remarks. She got away with it earlier, but the statement that the Egyptian association of musicians has now made remains standing for the time being. Sherine was sentenced because she had said during a performance in Bahrain that she could say whatever she wanted there. Unlike in Egypt, she thought. Sherine stated that everyone who talks freely in Egypt ends up in prison.

Egyptian singer Sherine Abel-Wahab ban in her own country
Sherine Abdel-Wahab

Lawyer Samir Sabry, who was attending her show, found that Sherine’s remark could go wrong and filed a complaint. In it, he accused her of “insulting Egypt” and “spreading fake news

”, among other things “inviting suspicious human rights organizations to interfere in Egypt’s affairs.” He also believes that Sherine has destroyed the reputation of Egypt with her comment.

The spicy pronunciation of the singer, who presents the Egyptian version of The Voice, was immediately noticed by the Egyptian Association of Musicians. That led to a ban on singing in her own country. In addition, a meeting was scheduled on March 27 to investigate the claim against Sherine.


It is not the first time that Sherine gets into trouble because of certain statements. Last year she was also under fire after she claimed that the Nile was polluted. People who would drink from it would get a bacterium, she then joked. A six-month prison sentence was imposed on her, but it was eventually dropped on appeal.

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