#EndSARS protest: Nigerian women go topless

The “EndSARS” protesters in Nigeria are still going on, despite the massacre and imposed curfew. Photos of beautiful young Nigerian women were shared on social media. They appeared topless to show their solidarity with the men who took to the streets to protest against the brutalility of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Protests against police brutality in Nigeria continue to escalate in different dimensions. Women in this West African country are now exposing themselves topless with tattoed words “END SARS”, everywhere on social networks. This supports the “EndSARS” protesters, a peaceful demonstration that seeks to end the brutality inflicted on Nigerians.

This pressure to the point that women find themselves topless amid protests against SARS is a strong signal sent to Nigeria’s federal government, led by Muhammadu Buhari.

While some have seen a sensual aspect of women’s behavior, others see it as a very strong act of support. Proof that in Nigeria, citizens are ready to go far to claim their right: “to be under the protection of the authorities and not to be brutalized or killed without a valid reason”.

This form of struggle is somewhat reminiscent of that of the Femen, especially in Tunisia, with the famous Amina Sboui, whose name has been worldwide. Having, shirtless defended its ideals, whenever it was necessary.

#EndSARS protest: Nigerian women go topless

The Femen, this feminine protest movement, also shook Europe, with these women, topless, who appeared in Parliaments and other institutions to protest.

Leveraging their social media accounts, American artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Big Sean, Jidenna, and Chance The Rapper, among a few others, have spoken out against the ongoing violence in Nigeria, following of the “EndSARS” movement. According to several Nigerian media publications, several protesters were killed while protesting against police brutality. It was also reported that many of them were injured.

#EndSARS protest: Nigerian women go topless

Rihanna, who has over 99 million Twitter followers , posted two photos of the Nigerian flag and captioned it “ENDSARS,” with a Nigerian flag emoticon and a closed hand signifying revolution and protest.

One of the photos shows the flag-covered in blood, while the other photo is a screenshot from Rihanna’s Instagram story where the singer wrote: ‘I cannot bear to see this torture and brutalization that continues to affect nations across our planets!’

Meanwhile, Nollywood actor Emmanuel Ehumadu, also known as Labista, has reportedly been arrested. The news was leaked by actress Destiny Etiko on her Instagram page. According to her, Emmanuel was arrested while leading a peaceful demonstration in Abia state. She wants him released immediately.

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