England: Husband calls police to complain about his wife’s snoring

A husband prevented from sleeping by the annoying snoring of his wife called 999 to complain the incident.

The West Midlands Police (WMP) in England shared the incredible audio online to urge people to leave the emergency line for real emergencies, after all, the index is in the name.

One hears the exasperated husband say that his wife snores like a “motorcycle” and that he “does not know what to do”.

Complaint to which, the call manager, with a breathtaking patience, replied: “This is not a police case” before recommending the husband to seek medical advice when waking his wife.

WMP was forced to start a campaign after receiving the largest number of emergency calls in its history in one day.

On Saturday, July 7, 3,276 calls were received, representing a 40% increase over the 24-hour average.

As recently, as last weekend, WMP received 5,056 emergency calls on Saturday at approximately 1:30 pm.

Another amazing fact was that almost 50 calls were made in 15 minutes.

Some of these recent calls included people reporting an injured duck, the snorer mentioned above, and a teenager asking a call manager to contact his mother when he was out of phone credit.

Olivia call manager said, “It’s constant right now, the highest demand I’ve ever seen and I would say I answer up to 50 calls a day.

“There can sometimes be dozens of calls waiting on the 101 number and that’s why we advise people to connect online.”

Olivia added, “I once spoke to a nine-year-old girl who phoned to say that she was being abused by her father-in-law”.

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