England: Man imprison, forbid to call parents; he asks for too much money

Parents are most of the time our emotional, financial supports… They are naturally the people to whom we can ask for help.

Some even financially depend on their parents throughout their lives. However, some parents get tired of this habit as is the case of this English man.

Indeed, the Southampton Court in Hampshire, England, banned a 24-year-old man from contacting his parents for a period of five years after he was jailed for 32 weeks following the parents’ complaint that he asked them too much money.

Matthew Kerley’s parents were forced to obtain a restraining order from the Crown Prosecution Service last year, claiming that his incessant and abnormal begging was causing them extreme anxiety and stress.

However, odditycentral.com reported that the young man has always flouted the order. The information website said Matthew called his parents last month for example for money over 30 times in 24 hours.

What harasses the young man’s conduct is the fact that some of his calls to his parents to ask for money are made in the middle of the night, when they are supposed to sleep.

According to relatives, interviewed by the tabloid The Mail, the situation lasted for ten years. Matthew Kerley, started claiming money from his parents when he got into drugs at the age of 14.

“He was constantly asking for help from his parents so he could buy drugs. They did everything to stop him, but one day he started stealing them.” They said

“After ten years of giving in, they finally decided that it was too much, and they complained about harassment.”

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