The Europa League trophy was stolen in Mexico … then found

Fear for UEFA and the four semi-finalist clubs of the Europa League (OM, Salzburg, Atlético Madrid, Arsenal). The trophy was stolen Friday night in Mexico, before being recovered.

The Europa League trophy, transported to Mexico to be shown at an evening at the Guanajuato stadium (centre), was stolen after the presentation, and then recovered a few hours later, local authorities announced on the night. Friday to Saturday.

“We have recovered the Europa League Cup after being informed about the vehicle in which it was embarked after the event,” said the authorities of Guanajuato on their Twitter account.

Recovered 50 km away

They did not provide details on who was responsible for the disappearance of the trophy or how it was recovered in Leon, about fifty kilometres from Guanajuato. The event was organized by a courier company that sponsors the European club competition organized by UEFA.

The semi-finals go of the Europa League will take place on Thursday, OM will host Salzburg at the Velodrome and Arsenal will receive Atlético Madrid. The return matches will take place on May 3rd and the final on May 16th in Lyon. With the trophy at the edge of the lawn of Groupama Stadium.

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