Fans criticize Kim for using entire Boeing 747 as a private plane

Kim Kardashian (38) has inflicted bad blood on thousands of people. The reason? She unveiled with images showing how she uses a Boeing 747 as a private plane. A device that normally transports about 660 passengers. “Disgusting”, fans react now indignantly. They point to the enormous harmful impact on climate and the environment.

That reality star Kim Kardashian does not fly in economy, of course, knows everyone. On Instagram she shares photos or videos from one or the other jet with the regularity of a clock. Logical, too, if you have to go to this as much as possible. But now that she has put a whole Boeing 747 into use, many of her fans react with great indignation.

The images that Kim shared show how she, the other half of Kanye and a handful of people, including her personal trainer, discover the plane. She shows the multiple bedrooms and the dining area. And is extremely enthusiastic that she is allowed to use t

he Boeing. “I myself did not know this existed,” she shows off. She also films the “endless” empty rows of chairs. “We just take our own 747, no big deal”, she says laconically about it.

Storm of criticism

After Kim shared the images she was overwhelmed by criticism. Many people cannot understand that a handful of people occupy an entire plane. “I cannot believe that Kim and Kanye are ONLY on a 747. A double-decker that normally accommodates 660 passengers. It is clear that they do not care at all about global warming or the fires that had burned down their homes, were they not private firefighters,” writes someone. Or also: “I do not see the connection. Kim and Kanye donate $500,000 for the victims of the forest fires. But take a Boeing 747 as a private plane. Can someone please explain how climate change works? Please?”

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