Fast greasy hair? Maybe you are doing one of these things wrong

Are you also one of the unfortunates in whom a freshly washed head of hair is transformed into a greasy cut after a day or in the best case two days? Maybe you are guilty of one of these hair errors.

How to get rid of greasy hair fast

1. You are constantly in your hair

Just like continuously touching your face, tinkling in your hair causes the dirt of your fingertips to fall on your locks.

2. You wash your hair too much

Yes, we know. You wash your hair so you do not have to walk around with a greasy cut, but you actually achieve the opposite effect. By washing your hair daily with shampoo, you ensure that you wash away the natural oils from your scalp, making it just produce more oil in an attempt to replace them. Therefore, try to limit the washing of your hair to 2 or 3 times a week.

3. You use too much conditioner

Conditioner is your partner in crime for radiant locks and against damaged tips but can also be the culprit of your fat hair. Use a not too heavy conditioner, do not lubricate it too richly and apply it only on the dots.

4. You brush your hair too much

Brushing your hair too much stimulates oil production, which makes your hair look greasy more quickly. Focus on unravelling especially on lengths and avoid your crown.

5. Your brush is dirty or full of hair

Your hairbrush is often chock-full of styling products and dust that makes your hair feel dirty more quickly. Also, using a brush that is clogged with hair will make your hair greasier because you get the grease and dirt from your old strands on your clean locks.

6. You use the wrong products

If your hair is quickly greasy, you may be using the wrong styling products. Look for light formulas that do not weigh down your hair and avoid products that promise shine or hydration. They are better suited for dry or dull hair types.

7. You use too many styling products

Styling products such as hair spray, serum and dry shampoo can block your scalp and your strands. Wash your hair several times a month with a clarifying shampoo such as L’Oréal or a detox product for your scalp like this exfoliator from Bumble.

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