Laser hair removal: what you need to know

Today, thanks to the achievements of scientific and technical progress, the possibilities of cosmetology have expanded to unprecedented proportions. Now you can smooth out almost any visible defect or completely get rid of it without a trace.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal: what you need to know

The energy of laser radiation can successfully affect the hair only if something inside it would attract a focused light flux. The main absorber in the case of hairs is melanin, which, in turn, consists of the following components:

  • eumelanin, which is responsible for the formation of dark shades of hair color;
  • pheomelanin – on the contrary, forms light shades;
  • neuromelanin – is found mainly in the structures of the brain.

A distinctive feature of eumelanin is that it has the ability to absorb light, including in the spectrum within which laser radiation is exposed. This means that the laser hair removal method is unsuitable for removing hair with white shades (including gray ones). The specialists of the specialized clinic will tell you which methods of removing unwanted hair are suitable in each specific case.

How many procedures are needed

Laser hair removal: what you need to know

Many people are interested in how many laser hair removal procedures need to go through to get completely smooth skin on a particular part of the body. On average, we are talking about 8-9 sessions, but it is worth focusing on 10-12 sessions.

Today, many scammers have appeared on the cosmetic services market, which, under the guise of laser hair removal, sell hair removal with gel. To “camouflage,” they run an apparatus with flashing lights over the body, creating the appearance of “laser hair removal,” but in fact, the hair is removed due to a chemical reaction provoked by compounds that can cause significant harm to the body (and, above all, to the condition of the skin).

That is why you should not hesitate to ask the beautician to present all the necessary permits, including a license to carry out activities, certificates of conformity for equipment, as well as papers confirming the qualifications of a particular master. No self-respecting clinic providing professional services in the field of cosmetology will ever refuse such a request.

Modern beauty standards oblige you to take a closer look at your own appearance, including in matters of hair removal on the face and body. Today, laser hair removal methods can eliminate any cosmetic defect and create an ideal image.

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