Fear of superpower: mysterious metal monolith destroy in DRC

A mysterious metal monolith that landed in the DRC capital did not last long: the residents destroyed it for fear of its supernatural origins.

After the appearance of mysterious metal monoliths in America as in Europe, it’s now Africa’s turn. Meanwhile, another such object burst into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

However, this triangular prism 3.7 meters high quickly ended up stoned and set on fire by the inhabitants of the capital, Kinshasa, for fear of its origins.

A resident quoted by Reuters mentions in particular “the documentaries on the Freemasons or the Illuminati” featuring similar structures.

The governor accuses the mayor

In Kinshasa, the mayor of the Bandal district, Bayllon Gaibene, told the BBC that he had sent some of the material the monolith was built to be tested by scientists to find out its origins.

He also denied the accusation by the governor of the capital Gentiny Ngobila that he was responsible for the mysterious object.

Shiny pillars, reminiscent of the towering black monoliths from the 2001 sci-fi film: A Space Odyssey, have appeared in various corners of the world since November 2020, capturing the imaginations of local residents and sparking speculation in the media.

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