Felix Tshisekedi declared winner of the presidential election in the DRC

Felix Tshisekedi was declared the winner of the presidential election of December 30 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He won the vote with 38.6% of the vote, ahead of Martin Fayulu, second with 34.8%, according to the Electoral Commission. Joseph Kabila’s dolphin, former Interior Minister Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, is only in third place with 23.8%.

Candidates can appeal the results if they wish. The Constitutional Court must publish the final results by January 15, according to the electoral calendar.

Rumours of an agreement
This is a historic event in the Democratic Republic of Congo: an opposition candidate declared the winner of the presidential election. The vote has been postponed three times since the end of 2016.

The UDPS, the party of M Tshisekedi, has tried to come to power for decades without success. In recent days, rumours of an agreement between Felix Tshisekedi and President Joseph Kabila have caused some concern among other members of the opposition.

Tshisekedi, himself, acknowledged having had discussions with the ruling party in preparation for a transition of power. According to BBC correspondent in Kinshasa, Louise Dewast, the big question now is what will be the reaction of people across the country.

The Catholic Church, which has the largest number of election observers deployed, has warned that it will reject any results it deems to be fraudulent.

Who is Felix Tshisekedi?
The 55-year-old opponent, father of five, is best known for being the son of the late opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi.

In March 2017, after the death of his father, he was elected head of the UDPS and became his de facto candidate for the presidential election. He was immersed in politics from an early age, and had to make his way through the party. Felix Tshisekedi is trying to represent change for the DRC, which has not experienced a peaceful transition of power since its independence in 1960.

“I have no ambition to compete with my father, he is my master, and you do not compete with him,” said Felix Tshiskedi during the election campaign.

  • Born in Kinshasa on June 13, 1963
  • Nicknamed Fatshi, abbreviation of his three names Felix Antoine Tshilombo
  • His father founded the UDPS opposition party in 1982
  • He left for Belgium in 1985
  • He studied economics and marketing
  • Became leader of the UDPS in March 2018
  • Wants to make the fight against poverty his priority
  • “But I will do my best to perpetuate his dream, his dream of a country of law, a better Congo, where our sons and daughters can flourish, that’s what I’m looking for.” he added.

During the presentation of his program during a press conference, the candidate was criticized for his lack of experience.

Martin Fayulu

‘These results are a shameless montage’
Martin Fayulu publicly criticised the result of the election. He called it a “shameless montage.” Mr Nangaa is sewing a black coat with white thread,” Martin Fayulu told BBC Africa about Felix Tshisekedi’s proclaimed victory in the presidential election.

“I ask the CENCO, the SYMOCEL and the others to give the figures they hold, and we, as Lamuka, will give our figures too,” he added.

“It is known that Mr. Nangaa with his FCC friends made figures to give their colt the win,” concluded Faylyt.

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