Fifth day of anti-government protests in Sudan

In Sudan, this is the fifth day of anti-government protests sparked by rising prices for bread and fuel. On Monday, doctors are on strike. Their movement occurs in a hectic social context.

It has been a week since the Sudanese protested against the increase in the price of bread, and the wave of discontent could harden tomorrow with the announced general strike. This episode is perceived as one of the greatest social crises of President Omar al-Bashir in nearly 30 years of power.

The government said that eight people were killed during the demonstrations; but the opposition speaks of more than twenty dead. Emergency measures and curfews are in effect in several states.

The army in a statement reiterated its support for President Bechir. Khartoum has summoned Kuwait’s ambassador after the Gulf state has asked its nationals to leave the country because of continuing unrest.

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