Fighting between military units in Somalia’s Puntland province suspended for the time being

On Wednesday, the regional authority of the semi-autonomous province of Puntland in Somalia declared a unilateral ceasefire after deadly violence in the city of Bossaso. Efforts are being made to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Fighting broke out on Tuesday morning when soldiers supporting regional President Said Abdullahi Deni tried to disarm a specialized counter-terrorist unit, the Puntland Security Force (PSF).

Deni fired General Mohamud Diyano, general commander of the PSF, but the general did not accept it, claiming the dismissal was politically motivated and would disrupt the fight against terrorism in the region. Violence then broke out.

At least nine people, mostly civilians, were killed on Wednesday. The death toll has risen to nineteen since Tuesday. Another 45 people were injured. According to the police, 80 percent of Bossaso residents have fled for fear of more violence.

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