For his absence at the coronation of the PSG, Dugarry attacks Neymar

Christophe Dugarry has obviously not digested the absence of the Brazilian star at the coronation of PSG.
“How can Neymar not be here for the title game? How can we give him the label of leader when he does not come to share that? How can PSG accept something like this? How can he look at his teammates in the eye, behaving like that? “Asked Christophe Dugarry reported by

For the 98-world champion, this absence is a telling sign of the player’s lack of respect for the club and his colleagues.

“He’s spitting on the club. I find it scandalous. If he was in Barca, he would have returned without any problem. I cannot stand these players who are just looking at the belly button. It is a collective that wins matches, they are never individualities. And we think that PSG can win the Champions League with attitudes like that,” said Dugarry indignantly.

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