For wearing a navel top, model Isabelle Eleanore not allowed to board airplane

Australian model Isabelle Eleanore might want to pack an extra sweater in her hand luggage on her next flight. Or maybe not. Because, according to Eleanore, she stood up straight when she tried to board a plane dressed in a navel top. A stewardess thought differently. The model was given a yellow vest so she could get off the ground dressed a bit better.

Eleanore spewed her bile about the incident on Instagram. Her husband traveled with her from Gold Coast to Melbourne and filmed the no-man’s-head’s clash during boarding. He apparently struggled with a mouth mask that was too small, because as the video below shows, he couldn’t get the piece of fabric over his nose.

According to Eleanore, things went wrong when she and her other half tried to board a Jetstar Airways plane this week.

A stewardess stopped the duo and asked if the model had a jumper with her. Not because it is often cold in an airplane. But because the woman wanted Eleanore to put on an extra layer.

Yellow vex

“Bikinis are prohibited onboard the plane,” was the comment of the stewardess. When Eleanore pointed out that she was not wearing a swimsuit at all, the stewardess brought her a yellow vex so that the traveler would look a little less naked.

Onboard the plane, Eleanore didn’t cause a scene, but afterward, she did take to social media. The Australian wrote on Twitter: “I almost got kicked off the plane for what I was wearing!! This is ridiculous.. I was humiliated, degraded, and discriminated against..” And also, “If I had small breasts, it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

On Instagram, Eleonora went on to say that this incident is not about the flight attendant who lectured her, but rather about how society works in the first place. “One in which there is a belief that one should be able to dictate what is acceptable for people to wear and do, especially for women.”

Skeptics who raised the point that Eleonora is angling for media attention, the model served as an answer. “I stand up for myself and for everyone who has ever felt victimized,” she said.

Skeptics who argued that Eleonora is angling for media attention served the model in response. “I stand up for myself and anyone who has ever felt like a victim.”


Airline Jetstar Airways got wind of the commotion and said in response to Australian news site, “We have contacted Isabelle and apologized for the way the situation has been handled.”

According to the spokesperson, there was a misunderstanding about the policy, and the staff was reminded of passengers’ clothing requirements after the incident. “It does not contain any rules regarding crop tops,” the spokesperson drew a line under the fuss.

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