Funniest reactions to the baby name of Meghan and Harry: “Archie?”

The name of Baby Sussex is finally known: the son of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan is called Archie. A completely unexpected choice, but fortunately there are still certainties in the world. Like the funny reactions that always follow on the internet after such events…

Archie is anything but a classic name for a royal, and not everyone is happy with that. But you can always count on social media to put things into perspective because of course, a lot of people laughed at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

First, it was noted how many other babies will soon be named Archie… “Pity all teachers who from 2023 have to say Archie to half their class for a decade.”

Above all, there was a certain confusion with the Archie from ‘Archie Comics’, a cartoon character whose adventures are currently also featured in the popular Netflix series, ‘Riverdale’. The main character from the comic book series is red-haired and has freckles, reminiscent of Prince Harry, himself.

Respect the power of a red-haired prince who calls his son Archie. “Let’s all just respect the power move of a ginger prince naming his son Archie,” it sounds jokingly. Or: “Oh my god, Meghan Markle looks at ‘Riverdale’!” The company Archie Comics also already responded on Twitter: “I am baby”, it sounds there.

Other twitterers found that Archie is rather a name for a rich nerd. “Someone who is so hot must always wear a sweater tied around his neck.”

In addition, it appears that Archie is also a popular dog name. Many twitterers were enthusiastic about sharing the joy with their four-legged friends…

Not everyone is a fan of the name Archie, and some critics suspect that Meghan and Harry didn’t spend so much time choosing a name.

Here and there, there is also a hint at the fact that other royals would never choose such a name. For example, an account that parodies Prince Charles tweeted: “Is it too late to call the baby Jurgen? I’m just asking for a friend…”

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