Fury beats Wilder with a technical knockout, entrances audience with his singing skills

Tyson Fury is the new world heavyweight champion in the WBC boxing association. ‘The Gipsy King’ defeated Deontay Wilder after seven rounds with a technical knockout at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. After the camp, he sang – as promised – the entire hall flat.

Anyone who had seen the images earlier this week knew it would clash between Wilder and Fury. The two pushed each other hard, scolded each other, and could be kept apart with great difficulty by supervisors.

Of course, part of the modern boxing sport, although there was also some extra pigment in the competition. For example, Fury lashed out at Wilder’s suicidal tendencies. And Wilder, in turn, had a tough time in drug history and being overweight with Fury in the period after his won camp against Vladimir Klitschko in 2015.


As if that were not enough, Wilder and Fury fought each other for the first time in 2018. It was then called a small miracle that the fight resulted in a draw. Wilder knocked the Englishman to the ground twice, but Fury didn’t know what to do and came up again both times. Before that, it was mostly Fury who had the upper hand. Partly because of that, the referees decided to make a draw in 2018.

With a long-awaited rematch, as a result, the new camp was of course, fiercely excited, but it was soon manifest in the ring that the 31-year-old Brit was – sharper than ever – the better of his American opponent. Fury slapped Wilder against the canvas in the third and fifth-round after he had already taken the opening round. In the seventh round, the Brit forced his opponent in the corner and fired a whole arsenal of hits on Wilder’s body. Referee Kenny Bayless then stopped the fight.

Miss American Pie

At that moment, Wilder had already sustained a wound on his left ear in one of Fury’s punches. The American was struggling to maintain his coordination from that moment on. Fury – always in for some controversy, he entered the hall yesterday, for example, on a throne – eagerly anticipated it by literally licking the blood of the ‘The Bronze Bomber’ in front of the cameras.

Fury beats Wilder with a technical knockout, entrances audience with his singing skills

After the camp, there was also a whole euphoria with the Brit, who again – as promised – brought up his singing skills with a two-minute version of ‘Miss American Pie’ by Don McLean. Fury did it once in the past, and now with his bis number, he brought the entire MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas to rapture.

Mutual respect

With his victory over Wilder, Fury retains his unbeaten status after 31 camps. He can also call himself world champion for the first time since 2015. Then he defeated the Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko and took over his WBA, WBO, and IBF titles after that Fury got lost due to mental problems, partly due to his drug use.


Wilder, 34, suffered his first defeat in 44 professional camps. The ‘Bronze Bomber’ had already successfully defended its WBC title ten times. Wilder could live with his disappointment. “Such things happen. The best man won tonight,” said the American.

Fury beats Wilder with a technical knockout, entrances audience with his singing skills

“I have to say that the king has returned to the top of his throne,” Fury said afterward. The Brit also had compliments for his opponent. “Wilder entered the ring and showed that he has the heart of a champion. He is a warrior. I am sure he will return and become champion again.”

Fury beats Wilder with a technical knockout, entrances audience with his singing skills

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