Gabon: Ali Bongo makes a cabinet reshuffle

The Gabonese Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs, Etienne Massard Kabinda Makaga, has announced on February 20th, a redevelopment within the government. Nine incumbent ministers change their portfolio. In addition, a diplomatic adviser has been appointed Secretary General of the Presidency.

Guy Rossatanga-Rignault, former secretary of the Gabonese presidency was replaced by Jean-Yves Teal, diplomatic adviser to President Ali Bongo. The publication was made by the Minister of Presidential Affairs, in a speech broadcast by the Gabonese public media.

To observe in this reshuffle, two new ministries, the Ministry of Fisheries, Sea and Maritime Security entrusted to Mr. Rossatanga-Rignault and the Ministry of State, Social Protection and National Solidarity, will manage by Mr. Paul Biyoghe Mba.

The creation of the Ministry of Fisheries, Sea and Maritime Safety follows Gabon’s political commitment to climate issues. Indeed, the country wants to preserve the seabed and fish resources through the creation of protected areas.

In addition, Justice Minister Francis Nkea Nzigue, whose judges have been on an indefinite strike since the end of 2017, has changed his portfolio. Thus, he is appointed Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and Living Environment.

In other news, a woman enters the government as Minister, Delegate to the Minister of Budget and Public Accounts. This is Mr. Solange Mbonzi, member of the ruling Democratic Party of Gabon (CEO, Ndendé, in the south.

The legislative elections in Gabon should be held before the end of April, hinted as the present government did not specify the exact date. First scheduled for December 2016, these elections were postponed twice.

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