German city chooses 100-year-old woman in city council

Last weekend, residents also voted in Germany and those voices led to a surprising result in a German town in the Rhineland-Palatinate state: the 100-year-old woman Lisel Heise managed to gather a seat for her local party.

Heise, who was a gymnastics teacher during her working life, had advocated the reopening of the swimming pool closed in 2011 in her hometown. Thanks to a citizens’ initiative, she can occupy one of the seats on the council of the town of Kirchheimbolanden.

The century-old is planning to take the seat. “Anyone who wants to change something must stand up for it,” she told German media.

In parallel with the elections to the European Parliament, there were numerous other votes for local and regional authorities in Germany yesterday.

German city chooses 100-year-old woman in city council
©REUTERS – Lisel Heise is committed to her political career.

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