German train driver finds bags full of money from a Nigerian

A train driver in Germany has admitted that he has discovered two bags full of money on a train and has put most of it in his own pocket. He did not know, however, that security cameras were filming everything.

The money was confiscated during a house search in the basement of his home. It is about the savings of a Nigerian who wanted to use that for a surgical operation in Germany.

Apparently, the driver had forgotten the surveillance cameras in his joy about his find. The images show how the train driver in the main train station in Düsseldorf

drags a heavy suitcase with 6,000 euros in coins to his car and brings the visibly lighter suitcase with only 1,000 euros in a change to the lost items desk.

German train driver finds bags full of money from a Nigerian

The 56-year-old Nigerian had lost his suitcases due to an accident. To get his ticket stamped, he quickly got off the train in Leverkusen. However, he rode on without him. The man had given the coin according to the rules when he arrived in Germany, the police said.

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