“Ghanaian pastors buy corpses water for $1369”

An employee of the morgue has revealed that some Ghanaian pastors buy corpses water for the sum of 7,000 cedis ($1369).

Speaking in an interview with Atinka FM, the young woman revealed that corpses water is in high demand. The employee who wished to remain anonymous stated that pastors pay up to 7,000 cedis for this water, and sometimes they even have a shortage.

She explained that some deceased families prefer that their corpses be washed at the morgue, and that is the water that pastors come to buy. The morgue attendant also revealed that when the floor is cleaned, the cleaners squeeze the dirty water and keep it in bottles that the pastors come looking for in disguise.

The young woman admitted that she is doing this business to earn more money, explaining that the work itself does not pay much. “Even in our work, we do not get much from it. But with that, sometimes we can not even respond to pastors’ demands. Most of the time we run out of water.”

She did not mention the names of pastors and churches, perhaps for fear of being attacked. “Pastors buy water from corpses, it is in great demand. When cleaners wash the floor after bathing a corpse, they squeeze dirty water into containers that pastors come to buy,” says the lady.

"Ghanaian pastors buy corpses water for $1369"
Illustration – Morgue attendant washing the dead body

These pastors use the water of corpses to perform miracles in their churches.

“Most of these pastors use corpses water to perform miracles in their church,” she said.

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