Girls between 11 and 17 years drug and rape with plastic bag as a condom

In Britain, a gang of 20 men has been sentenced to high prison sentences for the systematic sexual abuse of 15 girls. The leader of the gang certainly disappears behind the bars for 18 years. Other suspects received between 5 and 18 years of imprisonment.

The victims were between 11 and 17 years old and live in the city of Huddersfield, between Leeds and Manchester, and surroundings. With alcohol and drugs, the men made sure that the teenagers, who had to deal with a difficult childhood, became accommodating.

The victims were abused at parties, car parks and in a billiard room. They were lured with compliments, gifts and trips by car. The gang members used nicknames such as ‘dracula’, ‘beastie’ and ‘bully’ and used plastic bags as condoms. Some girls became pregnant.

The 35-year-old leader of the gang got a life sentence, which in practice means at least eighteen years in prison. He was found guilty of 54 offenses, including numerous cases of child rape.

According to newspaper The Guardian, Judge Geoffrey Marson said that the scandalous treatment of the fifteen girls exceeded everything he had seen and heard in his career so far. The “long-term, incessant and inhuman” torment of the girls is “at the top of the scale of viciousness,” was the judgment of Marson. “The lives of these children have been ruined.”

The sentence was correspondingly, certainly for the main perpetrator. His companions enter the cell for five to eighteen years. A foursome will hear his sentence on November 1st. The verdict had already been passed, but today the details came out.

Source: DPA

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